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Amarya Beauty Box | July 2013

I feel like I’m saying this a lot recently, but I apologies for my blogging hiatus. We were at a family funeral this weekend, and I’ve been run ragged looking after foster kittens. Sadly the first two foster kittens I had didn’t make it (Monty and Susie, the ginger and black ones). Now I have another two and these look like they are going to fare much better *touch wood*. For photo updates check out my instagram or twitter @juicysatsuma, and if you have any name suggestions let me know! We think they’re a male and female but it’s difficult to tell when they are so young. 
I am thrilled with July’s Amarya beauty box. Zoya? Score! Neom? Score! let’s take a closer look.
Full Size (7.5ml) Zoya Limited Edition Colour Cuties Nail Polish in Shelby £5.15
Zoya is without a doubt my favourite nail polish brand, so I was delighted to see this in my box. This beautiful pink colour, named Shelby, is part of the Colour Cuties collection. The Colour Cuties are 7.5ml bottles, which is half the size of a standard Zoya polish, but is less than half the price. I’m really pleased with the colour I got, but I’m also loving Gilda, Happi and Zuza.
Sample Size (5ml) John Masters Linden Blossom Face Creme Cleanser, Full Size RRP £22
I’ve been a bit hit and miss with John Masters so far. I didn’t like the shampoo and conditioner, but I loved the Bearberry Oil Balancing Face Serum. I’m happy to keep this cleanser and use it when I’m away from home and packing light, but it isn’t designed for my skin type so I can’t see it being a wonder product for me.
Full Size (50ml) Neom Inspiration Hand Cream RRP £12.50
Oh Neom, Neom, Neom how I love you! I could always use a good hand cream and this ones smells divine. Neom’s Inspiration scent is made up of violet, chamomile and cedarwood. It’s a floral explosion which you’ll either love or hate.
Sample Size (5g) Dr Hauschka Toned Day Cream Full Size RRP £27.45
I’m loving tinted moisturisers right now. They are so much easier to wear in the hot weather we’ve been having. Yes, it’s sunny, even in Scotland! This one from Dr Hauschka is a lot thicker and more moisturising than most I’ve tried. It also looks alarmingly dark, but once on the skin and blended out I can see it working with most skin tones. It becomes quite transparent and just subtly even out your skin tone. If you love a glowy, dewy look then this is a good choice for a tinted moisturiser.

What does everyone think of this month’s box? Did anyone get a different Zoya Colour Cutie or a different Neom hand cream scent?

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  1. I loved this months box! For the Zoya polish I got the shade Happi which I had on my wish list so big bonus for me :) x

    1. It's so good when they send you something you've had your eye on! x

  2. I got the same Zoya polish and the same Neom handcream and I love them both! I usually wouldn't buy pink polish for myself but I was really surprised at how much I love this one. I'm a total fiend for handcreams so I was super excited for the Neom one, I love the smell and consistency of it.

    1. I'm not usually a pink girly girl but that shade is just so flattering on pale skin! I feel like such a fancy pants slavering on my Neom handcream :-) x

  3. I got the gilda shade and love it, my toes look so summery! I even went and bought a few more of the cuties, at that price with 20% off it was rude not to!!

    Best wishes for the kittens, I think Zoya would make a lovely name!


    1. So jealous of your Gilda Michelle! I'll definately be taking full advantage of the 20% off too.

      Zoya is such a good name suggestion! Sadly the little female passed away :-( Unfortunately it's very common for such young kittens. The male is still going strong though. we've named him Albert! x


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